4G / LTE Equipment Being Installed In Apple Retail Stores

| August 18, 2011 | 2 Comments

Following reports earlier this week which now suggest that some carriers may already be testing Apple’s 4G-equipped iPhone, and anonymously tipped to Engadget, the above image is claimed to depict AT&T’s 4G/LTE modem equipment being installed at one of Apple’s “major” retail stores.

The question is, what is it doing there?


Now we’ve received the image you see above, which shows some 4G LTE equipment that was recently installed in a major Apple store — by AT&T, according to our source

According to the site’s source, the new equipment installed at the store features support for both 700MHz and AWS bands, two bands of which AT&T also intends to roll out support for on its upcoming LTE networks, in partnership with T-Mobile, later this year.

We’re also told that the Apple Store in question, and all those in the region, are now trying to increase staffing on the sales floor by about 30 percent, which is apparently not related to the usual hiring in the lead up to the holidays (that will apparently still happen later). Of course, this could simply be the result of some long-term planning rather than evidence of the next iPhone, but the timing is a bit curious to say the least.

If Apple does have plans to launch a LTE-enabled iPhone later this year, installing 4G/LTE at its major retail stores would make a lot of sense, given Apple would likely want to provide the best network experience possible for customers looking to buy the new device in-store.


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[via Engadget]

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