Download Bl4ck0ut 7 Beta 2.0 Build 71913 for iPhone 3G

Download Bl4ck0ut 7 Beta 2.0 Build 71913 for iPhone 3G

bl4ck0ut ios 7 apple Download Bl4ck0ut 7 Beta 2.0 Build 71913 for iPhone 3G

Bl4ck0ut 7 Beta 2.0 is now available with the build number of 71913. This firmware supports iphone 3g unlocked, iphone 3g normal, and lastly ipod touch 2g. You do not need to have a brand new modern iphone or ipod touch to test out the new ios. Now you can go ahead and try out ios 7 on your iphone 3g and ipod touch 2g.

New Features:
– Facebook & Twitter support via
– Camera Grabber on Lockscreen
– Better performence (Speed & Battery life)
– Card Style Multitasking
– GUI Configurator
– Crap Cleaner
– Do Not Disturb (Disables Push Notification daemon)
– Push Notification Fixer for hacktivated Devices

How to install iOS 7 for iPhone 3G & iPod touch 2G:

Step 1: Make a fresh restore using Bl4ck0ut 6.2 Base firmware.

-iPhone 3G Normal:
-iPhone 3G Unlocked:
-iPod touch 2G:

Step 2: Update Cydia, install Ch40s-Utilities from Brian Waffles & reinstall Mobile Substrate. Then Install Dependencies

- PreferenceLoader (Install this first) :
– Activator (Install this after PreferenceLoader) :

Step 3: Reboot your iDevice. Download Bl4ck0ut_7.0_Beta_2_Build_71913.deb and Install it.

Step 4: Reboot your iDevice. The first can take longer than usual, but this is normal. ( You have to wait 5 min!). Go into, Navigate into Device Settings and Configure your Device.

Release Date: No ETA (Estmated time of arrival)
Current Status: Under Development (Beta)
Supported Devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G & iPod touch 2G
Supported iOS: iOS 4.2.1

Changes between Bl4ck0ut 6.2.x & Bl4ck0ut 7:
– iOS 7 look
– All bugs fixed (GPS, WiFi & Battery drain etc.)

Check out the Preview of Bl4ck0ut 7 Beta 1.9 at Special thanks to the bl4ck0ut team for releasing such a great ios 7 for iphone 3g.

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